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active directory enrichment of windows event logs

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My company has its splunk instance set up in such a way that windows event logs are being enriched with AD information such as the users manager and their OU group etc etc. The system admin that set that up has since left the company and noone knows how it was done. Is there an add on or something with the forwarders that could be doing this? can this be configured to add other data to the logs?

Thank you

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Hi @csutherland504,

Are you currently using ES ?

Usually data enrichment happens on search time with automatic lookup, so have a look at your automatic lookup configuration for the specific sourcetype that you're looking for. This can help you better understand where the extra fields you're seeing are coming from.

You can find details about automatic lookups here :


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probably the addon for active directory or just the [admon] stanza in inputs.conf somewhere, either on the windows TA, other app or the MS AD addon

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