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Will | extract reload=true command refresh everything in props.conf?



I've got four indexers and two search heads in a distributed environment. I've got a new sourcetype coming into my indexers from a forwarder which hasn't been configured yet.

When I define it in props.conf:

blah blah blah

am I able to use | extract reload=true instead of a full splunkd restart? Will it have the same effect? I'm always hesitant to do a full restart of indexers as it is a critical component of our monitoring.



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No, certain props.conf settings will require a restart of Splunk. That's settings that have impact on indexing, such as TIME_FORMAT, LINE_BREAKER, TRANSFORMS etc

Purely search-time stuff like FIELDALIAS and EXTRACT does not require restarts.



Thanks guys! The debug/refresh has worked. No longer will I have to restart 😄 I love Splunk Base!

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Good points. I believe I've strayed too far from the GUI, but not far enough... 🙂


If it can, then it will be refreshed if you hit http://SPLUNKHOST:8000/debug/refresh

Any manager entity that can be refreshed from disk without a restart registers itself such that basically it gets refreshed when that page is hit. Conversely, if hitting that page does not refresh some config, then it's a safe bet that it really does require a restart.

If you have Sideview Utils on the system note that there is a little form at /app/sideview_utils/refresh_entities that you can use to refresh one particular entity at a time.


There must be a way.. we can add to props.conf for index-time stuff through the GUI when adding new inputs. Is there a way we can replicate this? Maybe a custom view?

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