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Why is the Splunk Cloud trial not showing the forwarder?

Hi there
I tried to find a solution here but no luck.

Followed the guide to install forwarder here:

Check and create new policy on my firewall to open ports 8089, 9997

but I can't show forwarder in my Splunk cloud trial instance.

alt text

  1. tried telnet inside and outside my company no connection
  2. tried to install forwarder for cloud and for enterprise
  3. tried change computer
  4. tried to configure output.conf
  5. tried to use a computer with configured forwarder inside and outside my company same issue

Log I have this error:

"DC:DeploymentClient - channel=tenantService/handshake Will retry sending handshake message to DS; err=not_connected"

my deploymentclient.conf:

targetUri =

I think my instance URL does not have the 8089 open port
How can I do it?