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Why is the Sourcetype Not Showing Up?


So I noticed today for whatever reason that my graphs were not giving up to date information. I looked into the issue and it turns out that my source was no longer having the information pumped into it. It does catch everything even if the log file changes names because I have it set up with a wildcard.

But what was even weirder is that the information was showing up in the Source, and some information was being sent to the sourcetype but not the information that would fill in my graphs.

So the information is there and I can technically change the Sourcetype to the source to get my graphs, but I want to know why it did that. The only thing that I did yesterday to Splunk was set up an Alert that would send out one email to me when a certain number for a name value pair was reached on the system. The alert was actually pulling on that Sourcetype but I set up that Alert ~8 hrs before the information stopped showing up. It wasn't doing the alert real time either just every hour.

I no longer have the alert either because I deleted it earlier this morning when I realized that it didn't do what I want, this was before I realized I had the problem a I do now.

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I suspect that your searches are not fully qualified with index= and sourcetype= everywhere. Because of this, you are wide open to your searches being qualified by role settings (e.g. Indexes searched by default). Try using index=<something> everywhere.


So you're saying that the events coming in no longer have the sourcetype you specified in the inputs.conf?

First I would verify that this is generating log data. You should then verify your forwarder service is turned on. You should then look on your inputs.conf file on the forwarder and verify that you specified the sourcetype in there. If all these are good then I would try to restart your forwarder service by going into /splunk/bin and doing a /splunk restart

How many forwarders do you have with this specified sourcetype?


Just to add a bit here... you might have new outputs.conf settings that are sending the data to a different location now.

I recommend using ./splunk cmd btool outputs list --debug to verify your outputs if none of the above works.

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i had similar issue.   i created new index for my windows servers and define the sourcetype in inputs.conf and deploy the _TA_Windows apps search works fine but source type and source are interchanged.

any thoughts ?


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Community Manager

Hi! Kara here, Splunk Community Manager. Thanks for your question, but I see this post is from 2016. I recommend you post a new question to gain more visibility and current answers.



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