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Why is my field alias only applied for 1 of 2 fields specified in props.conf?



Trying to build a parser, but facing the below issue.

I extracted two fields from my logs: action_failed and action_success
Later, I gave them a field alias as below:

action_failed as action1 
action_success as action1

linked them to a lookup:

mylookup action1 OUTPUT action

The issue is that only one field is parsed, and that is the first one in my case action_failed, the other field is not picked. Is there any solution for this?

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You are probably using the same class names in the field alias

if you use FIELDALIAS-action = on both only one will work.
try something like this:

FIELDALIAS-failed_action = action_failed as action1 
FIELDALIAS-success_action = action_success as action1
Hope I was able to help you. If so, an upvote would be appreciated.


Hi himapate,

try to not use field alias . If you extract both fields (action_failed,action_success) manuelly you can achive the same result as the field alias just by extracting the same value into two fields.

Regex 1: 

" ... (?<action1>(?<action_failed>....))..."

Regex 2:

" ... (?<action1>(?<action_success>....))..."

Hope it helps.


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