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Why is Splunk No Longer Collecting ANY logs from any hosts?

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SET UP: splunk v 6.6.4 running Windows 10;

STUFF I TRIED: Restarted VM, restarted splunk, restarted service on server.
Monitoring console shows license is good, disk usage at less than 50%,
Health Check: Nothing unexpected.
We only have ~28 devices.
We use a master-slave license issue. Unsure if the master instance may be running a different version (would that cause this?).
Some appliances have a firewall to traverse, others do not: Not getting any logs for anything, so I don't believe it is a firewall issue.

any guidance is appreciated.

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Same problem here,
I got logs working for a while and then stops indexing without reason, splunk keep receiving logs so the counter keep increase but last log received is stop to a couple of hours ago, depends when stops.

I just have 10 mikrotik devices, nothing else. I have the same problem on windows machine, linux and docker running on synology.
Checking with wireshark the logs are coming in correctly from the devices.

I don't know how to resolve, I reinstalled splunk so many times now!!

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hey handlin2014,

What errors are you getting in internal logs?
Check index=_internal on the master for any errors.

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The following can help - I can't find my data!

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I appreciate it, but no, this isn't what my issue is.

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First thing I would check is- ensure your set up is allowing traffic on port 9997 - from the web console Settings >Forwarding and Receiving > Configure Receiving > Add port 9997

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Thanks for the quick response...
Port 9997 is enabled under Fowarding and Receiving | Configure Receiving | 9997 = enabled.
All logs were coming in and then about 2 weeks ago, all logs from all devices just stopped.

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