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Why has support been removed in 6.5.0 for universal forwarders on Windows 7, and is there a workaround?

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I'm looking to upgrade from 6.4.1 to 6.5, and I came across this:

Windows 7 x86-32 & x86_64: Free/Trial and Universal Forwarder support has been removed.

Well, there goes my plans for 6.5, nearly all my Windows endpoints are Windows 7...

Anyone here make the jump to 6.5 with Windows 7 UF's?

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You can keep the 6.4 UF's for some more time.
as I remember on some other posts here, maybe, UF 6.5 will get installed on Windows 7. The only issue is, the official support from splunk won't be available.

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Not I.

If Splunk does not support installation of the forwarder on Windows 7, then I'm not sure it is wise to find a way to force it.

On a side note, since security updates will be available for Windows 7 until about 2020, I wonder why Splunk stopped supporting it. Perhaps it is because Windows 7 tech support ended in 2015.

The workaround is, as @richgalloway noted, is to use 6.4.1 or older forwareders that do install.

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Splunk 6.5 will work with 6.4.1 forwarders.

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