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Why am I getting the following "undocumented key" error from one of our heavy forwarders?

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I have two Heavy Forwarders in our environment running the same configuration and running Splunk v7.0.0 - Load balanced to receive syslog data. I noticed the following warning messages while restarting one of them. The other does not show any errors upon restart.

Undocumented key used in transforms.conf; stanza='pulse_connectsecure_meeting_started' setting='SOURCE_KEY' key='message'
Undocumented key used in transforms.conf; stanza='pulse_connectsecure_meeting_updated' setting='SOURCE_KEY' key='message'
Undocumented key used in transforms.conf; stanza='pulse_connectsecure_reason' setting='SOURCE_KEY' key='message'
Undocumented key used in transforms.conf; stanza='pulse_connectsecure_role' setting='SOURCE_KEY' key='roles'

There are several TAs or add-ons showing "Undocumented key" errors, all of which are sourced from Splunkbase and contain the original configurations. Not all transforms are affected but about 80% are. Again, I am not seeing this on our other heavy forwarder, nor are we seeing it on our search heads, which also run the same app/add-ons. A search of Splunk Answers did get me some information about using a [accepted_keys] transforms stanza to clean up any errors. But, I would like to get to the core issue before doing any sort of clean up work.

Does anyone know what would cause this particular instance of Splunk to report these keys as "undocumented"?

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Seems to be an old known bug (SPL-68932) based on Upgraded to Splunk 5.0.3, and noticing "Undocumented key used in transforms.conf" messages during st...

@splunkIT said -

This is a known bug (SPL-68932) in Splunk 5.0.3. The message is rather harmless, and your _SYSLOG_ROUTING should still works as usual.

You can either ignore the message during splunk startup, or by adding the following entries in your transforms.conf to make the message go away:


More details on this [accepted_keys] stanza here:

Once you have made the above changes and restart splunk, the warning messages should go away.

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