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What are the steps to collect the IBM v7000 Data in splunk?


I want to collect collect the IBM v7000 Data in splunk. I have gone through below links-
From that I understand that I can collect performance, Volume, Disk related data in Splunk using script. But still I have few questions-
1. What username/Password to be created in IBM v7000? using ssh on splunk how can I access this server?
2. What will be script to fetch data? will it be shell script?
3. is there any add-on available to fetch data from IBM storwize v7000?

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Hello there,

the answers are in the answer and article
1. whatever username/password you want - the only think you need to do on splunk is enable inputs OR use a forwarder to monitor a syslog file system
2. there is no script, you need to enable syslog on IBM SVC and point the syslog stream to wherever you want
3. there is no addon i am aware of, however, you can create on and share with the community

hope it helps

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Thanks @adonio ,
It seems you are trying to say to enable inputs in splunk on port like 514(UDP) to receive syslog messages. But It will not send all events like performance related data and To get that it is written in link to write script which will fetch data using command like lsmdiskgrp. So I am trying to use second way to fetch data in splunk using script (not using syslog stream) for that I need clarification.

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