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What am I missing to get a successful connection between my Universal Forwarder and the sandbox?

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I followed the tutorial very carefully on setting up the forwarder on my two Tomcat servers. Now I am trying to verify that I can actually receive data from my catalina logs to my sandbox. When I go to 'Add Data', and click on 'forward' it gives me the notice: "There are currently no forwarders configured as deployment clients to this instance." But at the top of my screen I get another notice stating that: "Forwarding to indexer group default-autolb-group blocked for 1200 seconds.", which 'default-autolb-group' is the defaultGroup in my /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/output.conf file. I think that I am close on getting a connection but I am missing some step to complete it. Can someone help me on what I missing to verify a successful connection?

Also, my inputs.conf file only has the ip address of my server; do I need to put information about my catalina log file and if so what is the format, thanks!