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Universal forwarder 4.2.1 "leave_playpen: can't chdir back to ' '


Hi Guys

I have tried to install the universal forwarder on a jailed FreeeBSD 8.0 server but after running:

pkg_add splunkforwarder-4.2.1-98164-freebsd-7.3-amd64.tgz

I get the error below:

pkg_add: leave_playpen: can't chdir back to ''

A bit of background:

After some research I have successfully installed splunk on the host machine (also FreeBSD 8.0) and imported the httpd logs from that machine, however I would like to monitor the jailed servers also, but there don't seem to be many options other than the forwarder.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks 🙂

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No ideas?


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