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Splunk image on openshift 4.3 and integration with it

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I have a requirement for our project where in splunk container has to deployed in openshift 4.3 and integrate it with openshift 4.3 so that all the logs can be seen in splunk. I have 2 queries
1. regarding deployment of splunk on openshift 4.3
2. Integration of splunk so that all the logs of openshift will be forwarded to splunk.

1.I pulled the docker image of splunk in standalone instance of aws cloud and it is running fine and able to login

When I deploy the same image in the openshift it is throwing an error : i even configured SPLUNK_HOME as /opt/splunk
below is the error
sh: /opt/container_artifact/splunk-container.state: Permission denied
In the debug terminal also I cannot find a file splunk-container.state in /opt/container_artifact/ folder
In opt/splunk/etc also their is not splunk-launch.config.

Couldn't read "/opt/splunk/etc/splunk-launch.conf" -- maybe $SPLUNK_HOME or $SPLUNK_ETC is set wrong

What has to be done to bypass this error and deploy the splunk?

  1. Is there any documentation available on splunk side on the steps to be carried to integrate splunk in openshift 4.3?


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