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Splunk App for Infrastructure "Cannot find my entity after launch the script"


Hello , I'm working on SAI ( Splunk App of infrastructure ) ! 

* Based on Single Instance  ( Windows Os ) 

* I configure at first the port ( 9997 ) , installing SAI with the Add-On 

* Launch the script mentionned on the steps after checking the list the metrics and logs that i need it ==> Splunk UF is installed , inputs.conf is configured  ==> but on the web interface canno't show the entity !! 

 * When i check the event on Splunk , i can find the logs that i checked when i set up the "ADD DATA AND lAUNCH THE SCRIPT"  [ Security , Application ..]

Please i need your help because i'm blocked from a long time !! i follow a lot of tuto nut still cannot resolve the issue !! THANKS IN ADVANCE  

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