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Source type to use for postgresql log



What would be the source type I use for postgresql logs?

Here's a single line on the log file.

2013-02-27 18:36:01.103858 EST,"builder","dw",p13175,th-846481664,"","44591",2013-02-27 18:35:54 EST,6827524,con243135,cmd70,seg-1,,dx1628096,x6827524,sx1,"LOG","00000","statement: SELECT quote_ident(E'subscribersnapshot_sample_ss539')",,,,,,"SELECT quote_ident(E'subscribersnapshot_sample_ss539')",0,,"postgres.c",1542,



Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk only has pretrained sourcetypes for mysql, specifically these data sources:

Databases mysqld, mysqld_error, mysqld_bin

For Postgresql, you should make a new sourcetype, I use "postgresql" then set the appropriate props.conf to that sourcetype to extract the fields properly.

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