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I've recently been running into issues with Splunk not ingesting files, both on universal and heavy forwarders. The example here is a UF on a Windows server. In this example, I'm trying to ingest \\path\to\file.csv, and the error I get is:

DEBUG TailingProcessor - Skipping itemPath='E:\path\to\some\other\file.txt, does not match path='\\path\to\file.csv' :Not a directory :Not a symlink

My input looks like:

index = myindex
sourcetype = mysourcetype
initCrcLength = 512

Also, I had to turn on debug logging in log.cfg to even see these errors. Otherwise there were no errors at all.

Any ideas?


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New Member

I have the same issue. 
Somebody know how to fix this?? 

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Path Finder

Hi, I am getting the same error on a unix box.  Did you ever come to a conclusion?  The input works fine for exactly the same path on a different server.

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