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Rule to get alerted when a specific windows machine comes online

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I'm trying to get a alert out when ever a specific windows machine comes online. I have created a lookup table for machines ( machines for which there was a IDS alert and I can't check that as its offline) and what to get alerted whenever they come online.

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Splunk Employee

You could use your monitoring solution, such as Nagios, to write a log entry when a server comes online. Alternatively, you can write a cron job (or scheduled task in windows) to check the list of machines and have that program write to Splunk read logs that the machine has come online. You could create the list to check from a lookup generated in Splunk, manually, or even from your IDS to drive the process.

If that system uses a Splunk Forwarder, you can check to see when it last connected with:

index=_internal "statusee=TcpInputProcessor" source="/opt/splunk/var/log/splunk/metrics.log" sourceHost=yourhost

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You can try options mentioned in below link to be able to ping a server (from your lookup) and based on the result of ping, you can set your alert.

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