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Route Windows events in RFC3614 format to splunk and Syslog format to syslog reciever.

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we are trying to route windows security event logs from UF's to Splunk indexers and also to a syslog aggregator.

we would like to read the event log only once on the UF and are using a HF as interim relay to route data to desired locations.

On UF we have the Splunk_TA_Windows application deployed

On HF we have a outputs.conf:
connectionTimeout = 45
defaultGroup = all_indexers
forwardedindex.0.whitelist = .*

autoLB = true
server = IDX1:9997, IDX2:9997

connectionTimeout = 45

server = Syslog1:514

TRANSFORMS-routing = WinSecEvent-Splunk,WinSecEvent-Syslog
SEDCMD = s/[\t\n\r]/ /g


REGEX = (.)
FORMAT = all_indexers

REGEX = (.)
FORMAT = clf_syslog_group

The above configuration works fine until the part where it routes data to different output groups.

However, I would like the splunk indexed logs would still be in the RFC 3614 or splunk parsed format but have events on syslog as normalized using above props.

is this a possibility? how do we apply two parsing patterns for one sourcetype? - maybe based on the output group?

please advise.


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