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Raw TCP forwarded events contain ForwarderInfo in Splunk 5.0.1

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After upgrading to Splunk 5.0.1 from 4.3.1, TCP streams of forwarded events began to include lines such as this:

ForwarderInfo build=143156 version=5.0.1 os=Linux arch=x86_64 hostname=splunksrv1 guid=E2DDF88B-2F84-465E-99DE-CA4AA5CD6E71 fwdType=full ssl=false lastIndexer=None

ForwarderInfo usually appears on the first line of a TCP stream, but occasionally appears later in the stream or not at all.

These ForwarderInfo lines confuse our third-party application that receives forwarded events via TCP. The ForwarderInfo lines have a different format than other events and contain not date/time data.

Our outputs.conf remains unchanged since Splunk 4.3.1. We still specify sendCookedData = false. Here is an excerpt from outputs.conf:

indexAndForward = true
defaultGroup = nothing

disabled = false
server =
dropEventsOnQueueFull = 1

server = appsrvr1:6001,appsrvr2:6001
autoLBFrequency = 45
sendCookedData = false

How can we suppress the ForwarderInfo lines in Splunk 5.0.1?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The ForwarderInfo lines are the heartbeats being sent. If you don't need them, you can disable the heartbeats by adding a heartbeatFrequency attribute and setting it to 0. See below:

indexAndForward = true
defaultGroup = nothing
heartbeatFrequency = 0


I downvoted this post because heartbeat messages are still being sent even with sendcookeddata = false and heartbeatfrequency = 0. this is on version 6.2.7. it'd be really nice if splunk fixed this.

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We had a similar problem as joelshprentz, and the above suggestion didn't end up working. Here's a similar thread regarding this same issue:

We had to use the syslog forwarding method to not also get the heartbeat messages (disclaimer: I was doing the forwarding from a Heavy Forwarder, so the syslog forward method works perfectly in that scenario):

server = host:port
type = tcp


FORMAT = target_group

The above is what worked for us. Good luck.

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