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Measuring thruput of heavy forwarders in a dashboard. Would using "metrics.log group=thruput name=thruput" add both input and output thruput to the final result?



Quick question regarding metrics.log and a heavy forwarder (HF). I'm using a dashboard to measure the thruput on a few HF's and was curious if using metrics.log group=thruput name=thruput adds both input and output thruput to the final result ?


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Here’s a sample query that you can run on each indexer instance to get a report on thruput by each forwarding entity:

index=_internal metrics "group=tcpin_connections" | timechart span=30s avg(tcp_bps) by sourceHost

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Post one of your queries

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As per the thread : an idea is to mark the heavyforwarder as an "indexer" in the DMC and DMC will all do it for you

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