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Lopping Off Dot Notation Field Names


I am working with Linux auditd events based on the auditd message and field dictionaries, that we call type and field. (You can access the github site for the .csv files that define message and fields.) For example, the macro name AUDIT_ADD_GROUP would be type=add_group and the macros name AUDIT_EXECVE would be type=execve. Now we have fields by type. SGID is the set group ID, so we could have fields called execve.sgid or add_group.sgid depending on the type value of the event. These are just 2 of more than 40 types we are tracking. Now each type will have its own set of applicable fields. For example, there would also be add_group.tty and add_group.proctitle.

Is there a way to automatically lop off the prefix of a dot notation field on ingest? We need to standardize these fields to make them CIM compliant for our data model. The only alternative I see for now would be to use COALESCE to solve this problem. (e.g.: eval sgid = coalesce('group_add.sgid', 'execve.sgid')) Doing it this way would see COALESCE expressions with numerous paraeaters.

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