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List the files being monitored with listtails in 4.1.1

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The command below used to work on previous versions (4.0.8), but now that I have upgraded, I get the error below.

wasadmin@apache05:/opt/splunk/server/splunk/bin> ./splunk cmd listtails

couldn't run "/opt/splunk/server/splunk/bin/listtails": No such file or directory

Any ideas on how to list the files being monitored?

Thanks, Sean

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You can use

$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk list monitor

for a list of all things that splunk is currently monitoring.

Check for reference on this.

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listtails has been deprecated for version 4.1 and there currently is no replacement for its function although, ./splunk list monitor may provide the information that you're looking for.

listtails will survive after a migration from 4.0x but since it is based on the old tailing code, it should not be used in version 4.1 (which has all new tailing code.)

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