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Integration Zabbix-Splunk


I need to integrate zabbix v. 3.4 and Splunk v. 7.2.6 somehow, with Splunk receiving data from Zabbix, I have each one on its own server. I've been searching for it and found this link, with scripts (this script Send zabbix audit logs to splunk)
but there is no documentation, has someone used it?
- How can I implement this script in zabbix? Where can I add this script in zabbix?
- How do I know where I get the data in splunk?

UPDATE: For example, this is the data I want to send to Splunk


Re: Integration Zabbix-Splunk


you could try the Real-time export from Zabbix (unfortunately only Zabbix=> V4), and read the json logs:

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