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Index Size varies between master dashoboard and peers


Hello facing some issues with indexes size:

I have a Factor2 splunk cluster configured, and I'm facing this issue.

Master's node dashboard

   RepFactor SearchFactor   Size

index 2 2 282 56.05 GB

Index peer 1

index 500,000 None size=187,418 MB

replication is Auto and when I do

du -sh into the db the volume is 185 GB as peer indicates. Why the master dashboard indicate different value??

Thanks in advance

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thanks a lot for your response. Thought I had misconfigured something.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

As I just confirmed with our developers, the index size indicated by the cluster manager page is the size of the compressed rawdata only, and it only counts one copy per existing bucket.

Given how counter-intuitive this is, I have filed a bug (internal reference SPL-69952) to get this value changed to reflect the actual disk usage of the replicated index, including all bucket data and copies.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

1) How many peers do you have?

2) Are you using Report Acceleration?

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