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If I have a thousand hosts logging under CST timezone, how do I override this in props.conf for a couple boxes to log in Eastern time?


I have hosts (* set to log under CST. Now i have couple of boxes out of thousand ( and to log under Eastern time zone. How can i override this in Props ?

Existing Config -

TZ = US/Central

I know I can put a stanza with source and that will take priority over [host] , but I unfortunately cannot do that because that will contain some common files which all hosts have.

There is some priority parameter as well in documentation. Has some one used that, and can that be used here. I don't want other hosts to start logging in Eastern time too.

New Config ?

TZ = US/Central

TZ = US/Eastern

Any help will be appreciated.

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You're very close. Can you give this section of the documents a read and let me know if it answers your question?

Not just this page im linking to, but if you look on the left side there are several more sections covered under the "Configure Timestamps" section. Others like this gem in the rough:

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