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How to verify IP addresses from 1 index to IPs of another index to resolve hostnames?

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I was hoping to find some help regarding a 2 indexes we log in Splunk.
We use BlueCoat logs to log all the TCP actions (requests).
We recently had a large number of infections that may still wander around.
We also log all the AD IP addresses to hostname.

Now I want to check 2 outputs:

index="bcoat_logs" cs_host="" src_ip="?????" date="?????" | table, src_ip, date
index="windows" sourcetype="dhcpsrvlogs" src_ip="?????" date="?????" | table, sAMAccountName

Because the (index) Bcoat logs only output src_ip's to dates, I want to resolve to hostname from the (index) Windows.

I hope someone can help me get started with this.

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Try something like this

index="bcoat_logs" cs_host="" src_ip="?????" date="?????" | join src_ip [search index="windows" sourcetype="dhcpsrvlogs" | table sAMAccountName] | table sAMAccountName src_ip, date

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