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How to route in two directions with restrictions on one?



Here is a challenge that works partly as expected.
On a HF I need to split syslog data to two different instances, one internal in the company, and secondly to an external company (that does investigations on these).
The external company has provided a sysmon config file, which collect all they need, but which on the other hand provides too much internally.

The split of data sending two ways works great using props, transforms and outputs.

Now the challenge is to remove some of the events send to the internal tcp group.


TRANSFORMS-routing = sysmon-routeToExt, sysmon-routeToInt




SOURCE_KEY = MetaData:Host
REGEX = (?i)(.*)

SOURCE_KEY = MetaData:Host
REGEX = (?i)(.*)


One of the basic questions is: Is there a way to use props (order vise) so it will be possible to send everything to one tcp group (external), and with the same events then filter (drop some events using REGEX), and send the remaining events to the second tcp group (internal) ?

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have you look CLONE_SOURCETYPE ?
That could help you?

r. Ismo

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