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How to reindex data to get new data with chance being made?



I have a DBInput that have a database with a list of user with email and phone number, and people can make change to that DB, which include delete a row. The problem that I encounter is, the data that already indexed retain the deleted row in the DB, and thus the alert still send to that already deleted contact. So I want to find a way to reindex that db on a daily basis and delete the last indexed data.

I have 3 solotions that I think of:

1. Setup an alert that run |delete daily and DBConnect can reindex (but I have to manually set the rising column check point to 0)

2. Batch input them daily and setup my search (it's a join in an alert) to search for -1d since it's not big of a data.

3. Join the table directly within SQL query when I indexing them, that way it'll always have the updated DB (but it'll tank on the DB server side)

Which of these 3 solutions do you think is good? Or can you offer me an alternate, better solutions?

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can you just add scheduled search which a run a daily base and create a local lookup with it? Then just use that lookup on those alerts and where ever you need it. Basically same than use dblookup, but this don't need a active connection between your database and SH all time, just when that lookup has updated. And when update don't replace old without having a new with lines. Then it is not an big issue if connection fails when lookup has updates (just one day old data).

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