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How to edit my props.conf to line break my sample data instead of merging events?

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I need help with props.conf for line/event breaks, the log has to be split by MsgId="LOGON" event followed by 8 MsgId="WSECL". below is an example how it should look like. As of now events are merged.

basically event should break between 2 LOGON MsgId's

11:08:36.472  -I  [REQ MsgId="LOGON" UId="XYZ123"]
11:08:36.512  -I  [REP MsgId="LOGON" Tkn="12XYZ12" UId="XYZ123"]
11:08:36.518  -I  [REQ MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.524  -I  [REP MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.529  -I  [REQ MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.534  -I  [REP MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.538  -I  [REQ MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.544  -I  [REP MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.547  -I  [REQ MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.551  -I  [REP MsgId="WSECL" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.686  -I  [REQ MsgId="ISACTIVE" Tkn="12XYZ12"]
11:08:36.686  -I  [REP MsgId="ISACTIVE" Tkn="12XYZ12"]

Thanks for you help

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The default linebreaker is fine. Just make sure that you are assigning it a sourcetype inside of inputs.conf and then inside of props.conf, do this:


Then deploy to the indexing entities (usually Indexers) and restart all splunkd instances there. Verify by ONLY checking events indexed AFTER the restarts.

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