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How to create an alert for the host not sending data for an hour using created index?

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Need to create alert for the host not sending data for 1 hour using created Index


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Hi @raja8220 ,

as @adonio said there are hundreds of answers to this question!

so in few words you have to create a lookup (called e.g. perimeter.csv) containing the hosts to check: at least one column (called e.g. host) with the hostname.

then run a search like this:

| metasearch index=cisco
| eval host=lower(host)
| stats count BY host
| append [ inputlookup perimeter.csv | eval host=lower(host), count=0 | fields host count ]
| stats sum(count) AS total BY host
| where total=0

then schedule this search as an alert  with the frequency you like.

You can also use this search (cutting the last row) to display a situation of your infrastructure:

  • total=0 means that the systen isn't sending logs,
  • total>0 means that the systen is sending logs.



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How about?


| inputlookup MyServerList.csv 
| eval totalCount=0 
| appendcols override=true 
    [| metadata type=hosts 
    | search 
        [| inputlookup MyServerList.csv 
| where totalCount = 0
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