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How to add BOM to alert attached CSV file?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi experts,

One of my customer wants to add UTF-8 BOM info to CSV files which are attached to email alerts.
In case of CSV files which can be downloaded from Splunk Web UI, is the right answer. But this doesn't applied to csv files which are attached to email.

Thank you in advance.

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For anybody interested, I managed to add UTF8_BOM info into CSV files on email.  

Adding to lines into $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/search/bin/  --> generateCSVResults function.

def generateCSVResults(results, escapeCSVNewline):
    if len(results) == 0:
        return ''

    header = []
    s = BytesIO()

    # BOM_UTF8 info fix for Excel compatibility
    import codecs
    # BOM_UTF8 info fix end

    if sys.version_info >= (3, 0):
        t = TextIOWrapper(s, write_through = True, encoding='utf-8')
        w = csv.writer(t)
        w = csv.writer(s)

    if "_time" in results[0] : header.append("_time")
    if "_raw"  in results[0] : header.append("_raw")

    # for backwards compatibility remove all internal fields except _raw and _time
    for k in results[0].keys():
       if k.startswith("_") :

    # output each result's values
    for result in results:
        row = []
        for col in header:
            val = result.get(col,"")
            if isinstance(val, list):
                val = ' '.join(map(str,val))
            if (escapeCSVNewline):

    return s.getvalue()


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

CSV files attached to email are UTF-8 encoded in Splunk and there is no option to change the encoding.
UTF-8 CSV files work well with spreadsheet editors such as Google sheet and Apple Numbers. Microsoft Excel added support for UTF-8 CSV files from Excel version 2019 onward; refer to What's new in Excel 2019 for Windows | General improvements | CSV (UTF-8) support.

Here is the workaround for the issue for Microsoft Excel (without CSV (UTF-8) support):
1. Install Sublime Text.
2. Open the CSV file using Sublime Text.
3. Save the content using File > Save with Encoding > "UTF - 8 with BOM" to a new CSV file.
4. Open the new CSV file using Excel.

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I'm having a ton of trouble understanding the question. You might get more answers if you could clarify it more. Break it down like I'm a little kid (not far from lol).

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