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How do I get the contents of a CSV into a Splunk dashboard through a search query?

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Hi everyone!

I'm fairly new to Splunk. I just wanted to ask about the feasibility of my use case and how can I make it work.

Use case:

  1. I have a PowerShell script that runs every week that checks the status of my services on my list of servers remotely. After verifying the status of each service, it'll then return the results in the form of CSV file.
  2. Assuming that CSV file is already on-boarded to Splunk, I want to search it using a search query in Splunk and then create a dashboard based on the recent pull of data.

Will this be possible? If yes, do you have links that I can use so that I can just follow on how can I achieve my use case?

Sample CSV file.

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Hello @dcresido

You have two options:

  1. Schedule that script using Splunk and insert the output of Splunk. Please find the below link which can help you: link text
  2. Directly monitor the CSV file using Splunk, so whenever any changes are made in the file, it will index the changes in Splunk. Please find the below link which can help you: link text

So you have two options to solve the above problem. Choose which ever seems more feasible to you.

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