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How do I configure custom index-time field extraction?

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i want to extract a field on index-time extraction on search head (i know it's not the best idea), but I'm have some strange issues with it.
A new field should be indexed through collect command to summary indexes, but when i collect data this way, i don't see this field extraction. When i use | extract some-number-idx , the fields are visible in verbose mode, so it looks like field extraction is ok. I try to restart Splunk, move confs from app to etc/system/local, but all is useless. What could be the problem? Maybe there are some logs in Splunk to debug this process?

My confs in custom app:

REGEX = myfield=(<number_idx>\d+)
FORMAT = number_idx::$1

TRANSFORMS-myfield = some-number-idx

INDEXED = true
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You should back ALL the way up. You definitely should not put in any settings for sourcetype statsh, especially index-time. What exactly is your original problem?

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Thanks for the answer. I make slices (~ 200 million) using | collect in composite indexes, which are verified with an external source for this numeric field. Ideally, I want to index it as a timestamp in order to run in a range of several jobs across this field.
As I understand it, when setting the sourcetype to collect, the license is wasted, so keep stash is the default sourcetype ...

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