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My client requests to ingest G Suite logs, when searching I see several APPs which do not have Splunk support.

Question 1:
What should I understand when an APP does not have Splunk support?

Question 2:
What is the best way to ingest the GSuite logs? or or


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Hi @splunkcol 

I guess you should be looking for Google Workspace as Gsuite has been renamed. It depends what you want to ingest to Splunk and add-on supporting those logs to be ingested - Splunk Add-on For Google Workspace | Splunkbase this is a splunk supported add-on which i see doc link is broken you have to reachout splunk support for correct link and do a search to find out.

Non Splunk supported add-ons are mostly being developed by Individual developers they usually support it if you contact them in case of any issues with add-on and licensing terms vary free vs paid etc etc you have to read it.

Splunk supported add-ons you can reach out to Splunk support that's the difference in terms of support. Most of the add-ons are free unless there are premium you can find in splunkbase.


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