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Forwarding profiles - how to


Is there any way to set up profiles for commonly forwarded logs? I see:

details logs. Is there any way I can set up a profile from the indexer to grab all the SystemErr.log, SystemOut.logs from app servers?

BTW, I'm running Splunk 5.0.2 on Red Hat 6.3. I have 2 indexers that are replicating, two search heads, and one master. Perhaps 80 devices are forwarding to the indexers.

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Thanks for the answer. What I wound up doing was adding lines to my expect script like so:

    expect "]#" { send "find /opt/IBM -name 'SystemErr.log' > $tempfile\r" }
    expect "]#" { send "find /opt/IBM -name 'SystemOut.log' >> $tempfile\r" }
    expect "]#" { send "find /opt/IBM -name 'trace.log' >> $tempfile\r" }
    expect "]#" { send "sed -i 's/^/\[monitor\:\\/\\//' $tempfile\r" }
    expect "]#" { send "sed -i 's/$/\]/' $tempfile\r" }
    expect "]#" { send "cat $tempfile >> $inputfile\r" }
    expect "]#" { send "/opt/splunkforwarder/bin/splunk restart\r" }
    expect "]#" { send "ps -ef | grep splunk\r" }

where $inputfile is /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/inputs.conf

This produces output like this in the inputs.conf file:


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You might want to set the monitor to /opt/*.log or a similar expression matching all your log files, and then whitelisting (or blacklisting) your way towards the correct set of files.

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Follow up question. Let's say I want to monitor three files, /opt/a.log, /opt/b.log, /opt/c.log

What would the [monitor://xxxx] statement in inputs.conf look like? Could I do this:


or does it have to be



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