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Folder monitoring and whitelist

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i used web to setup the folder monitor
settng -> Data inputs » Files & directories »
but in the whitelist if i *.csv , it wont index even the file extension is csv.

i saw the doc is to edit inputs.conf

but in the system/local/inputs.conf i cannot find the folder path i setup in web.
so dont know where it is


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The inputs.conf file will be saved under the app you were using when you selected Settings->Data Inputs. It's not likely to be in system/local. Try search/local and if it's not there, use your Linux-fu to find the inputs.conf file that changed most recently.

Once you find the file, post the relevant stanza here and we can help you fix it.

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Thanks, i found the correct inputs.conf
if i want to only index csv and *.idx

am i correct, i will keep monitor a while
Thank again

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I think the syntax should be like :-
whitelist = \.csv$|\.idx$

Cheers !

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