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Hi All,


I am in an interesting predicament in the environment I work with where our traditional method of tagging devops hosts via UF (in props/transforms) will no longer suffice as the team is moving to kubernetes and using Splunk Connect to forward to the HEC on our SH. 

A few of our Splunk end-users are questioning our ability to dynamically create tags, which they rely heavily on when creating custom reports and dashboards. Long story short, I am curious if there is the ability to assign a field value (i.e, altci) to a tag when a log is sent to the HEC. I believe there may be the ability to do this on the indexer level as data is being sent through the indexing pipeline but I do not have any experience and I can't find any documentation that states this. I would appreciate any type of guidance on this matter. Thank you!



Ideally, it would be something like:

If log has a field named altci, turn the field value into a tag=altcivalue.


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