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Check my work on my indexes.conf file for metrics?



Can you check my work here? Provisioning a metrics index where I am hoping to retain the data and keep it active for 3 years. Anything missing?

I am only expecting a 30-40 megs a day of metrics data for the foreseeable future.

  datatype = metric
  maxHotBuckets = 20
  maxWarmDBCount = 2000
  repFactor = 0
  thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/metrics/thaweddb
  frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 94608000


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I feel, quite few important things are missing.
1. It is NOT good practice to use index name of metrics. You will get confused later as splunk have its own metrics source and other apps may introduce metrics index. Better to start the name with yourcompany_metrics
2. Have you specified a Index Volume group? It is highly recommend to have a volume settings to abstract physical storage. Please read indexes.conf for details
3. Once you define Volume for your hot/cold/thawed etc, below setting should be good enough for basic purposes

datatype = metric
 homePath   = volume:home/yourcompany_metrics/db
 coldPath = volume:cold/yourcompany_metrics/colddb
 thawedPath = volume:cold/yourcompany_metrics/thaweddb
 # Let volumes handle size, set high limit per index (set to 2x 40MB * 3 years * 365 days). Just to be safe
 maxTotalDataSizeMB = 87600
 # 3 years x 365 days * 24 hrs * 60mins * 60secs days total retention
 frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 94608000
 repFactor = auto
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