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Can you put an overlay on a mstats prediction?


I had a question from one of our engineers who are looking to leverage the metric indicies to do predictions of memory consumption over time. What we are looking to do is to start predicting, for example, the current memory used using mstats:

| mstats sum(_value) as memory_used WHERE index=metric_cpceng AND (metric_name=kvm_memory_used OR metric_name=kvm_memory_cached) AND pod=2 AND datacenter=ct span=1min earliest=-1y latest=-1h | where isnotnull(memory_used) | sort 0 _time | eval memory=round((memory_used/1024),0)| timechart span=1d max(memory)| `modvizpredict("max(memory)", "LLP5", "550", "0", "", "95")`

Now what we are looking to do now is plot a value for memory max over our chart so that we can track the intersect.

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