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Can you help us fix a forwarding delay occurring between event time and indexed time?

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We have set up a Splunk forwarder to forward the latest logs in the same server, but we are having an issue where there is a huge difference between indexed time and the event time. I can see the delay of almost 17 hours when I use this query to find the indexed time, event time and the delay:

index=myindex sourcetype=mysourcetype host=myhost | eval delay=(_indextime-_time)/60/60 | eval indexed_time=strftime(_indextime, "%+") | table indexed_time, _time, delay

This is what i got from splunkd.log

01-08-2019 11:17:31.607 +0700 INFO  TailReader -   ...continuing.
01-08-2019 11:17:33.515 +0700 INFO  TcpOutputProc - Connected to idx=*heavy_forwarder*, pset=0, reuse=1.
01-08-2019 11:17:46.608 +0700 INFO  TailReader - Could not send data to output queue (structuredParsingQueue), retrying...
01-08-2019 11:17:51.609 +0700 INFO  TailReader -   ...continuing.
01-08-2019 11:17:55.286 +0700 INFO  HttpPubSubConnection - Running phone uri=/services/broker/phonehome/connection_*sourcehostip*_*sourcehostname*_*sourcehostmac*
01-08-2019 11:18:06.610 +0700 INFO  TailReader - Could not send data to output queue (structuredParsingQueue), retrying...
01-08-2019 11:18:11.610 +0700 INFO  TailReader -   ...continuing.
01-08-2019 11:18:16.611 +0700 INFO  TailReader - Could not send data to output queue (structuredParsingQueue), retrying...

This issue only occurred on this particular host. Hence, I created a limits.conf file to change the thruput limit as suggested here:


Unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue as we still get messages in splunkd.log.

Any idea which part should I look into next?

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Looks like the queues are getting full and hence blocked. Are you sending the data/logs for this sourcetype only to one indexer? Look at the metrics.log for the pipeline issue and address them. Also, look at your props/transforms for regex improvements.

You may also need to review the

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