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Browser session timing out quickly and inconsistently


Hello All

  I have Splunk 4.1.4 (splunk-4.1.4-82143-Linux-i686.tgz) installed (on Linux i686 box).

I'm currently facing a problem of session timing out quickly (<5-10 min) and inconsistently. Even if I'm doing something, typing, searching, mouse clicking - session times out. I have changed my server.conf, web.conf to give a better time for session timeout but did not work. (Changed in both etc/system/local & etc/system/default just to make sure).

Following thread talks about a related bug in the Splunk 4.0.8, but I have 4.1.4 currently:

My configs (etc/system/local & etc/system/default):





tools.sessions.timeout = 100000

ui_inactivity_timeout = 100000

I have real-time monitoring displays, for which I don’t want any timeout. Is it the right way to do it?

Could this be due to any of my views? Are there any session specific parameters per view?

Same thing happening with Enterprise license (as well as Enterprise trial)

I'm using Mozilla Firefox (3.6.6)

Thanks in advance for help

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I'm having the same problem as well with Firefox. Not sure if this has anything to do with time or not - but in my case my Indexer is located in London - the server is 5 hours ahead of my client.

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Same problem here. Seems to only affect Firefox on Windows clients. We've experienced this on WinXP and Windows 7. IE works fine, and so does Firefox on my openSUSE workstation. When I get kicked out of my Firefox session on a Windows machine, I can click the back button and be still be logged in. I can then keep working without re-authenticating, for a another few minutes at least.


I am also having this problem. Seems to be firefox-specific. We're running splunk on Oracle OVM but I don't have this problem with IE and anyway I've seen it on a real box as well.

Any thoughts from the dev team on what might be going on?

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I noticed it happens only with Firefox Mozilla.
Not with Internet explorer.
Any one having similar issues with Firefox? And is there any fix/workaround for this problem?
Thanks in advance

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I had the same problem while at .conf#10. The timeout were certainly random and would only occur when I was working on my local vmware images. The issue would not happen on my production instance. How to fix it? I synced the time on the vmware servers to the same NTP server as my corporate splunk instance. It seemed in my case that a time skew of a just over a minute was causing the problem.

Good luck, hope you find the fix soon.


-Splunk Ronin


Pete, Thanks for your response.
It may not be a problem for me as I'm running Splunk on a real box (not a VM).
Thanks for taking time to respond though.

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