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Best App or View for Cisco Syslog & Firewall Data?



I noticed that there are a number of different Apps available for Cisco devices. I'd like to hear from the community which one they recommend to view Cisco Syslog and Firewall data from a Cisco router (not PIX).

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I know this question is old, but in case anyone finds their way to this thread there is now an app and an add-on available for Cisco IOS and WLC devices:


Hi Will,

is there any predefined content for cisco switches right now. The pre defined content for comming with the cisco apps will not work with cisco switch logs.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi James, While Splunk and Cisco have not yet developed any pre-defined content for Cisco routers you can very easily leverage Splunk for this type of reporting. Which Cisco devices are you trying to report on? The existing Cisco Firewall add-on could possibly work for this data as most of the log formats for Cisco firewalls tend to be the same.