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How do I add data programatically to splunk using the java sdk but none of the Input Kinds? Is there a way to add a java object as an input and inside splunk tell it how to interpret the object?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Are you looking to just directly add data to an index from a java program?

For example, here is an event getting submitted over HTTP from the docs:

// Retrieve the index for the data
Index myIndex = service.getIndexes().get("test_index");

// Specify  values to apply to the event
Args eventArgs = new Args();
eventArgs.put("sourcetype", "access_combined.log");
eventArgs.put("host", "local");

// Submit an event over HTTP
myIndex.submit(eventArgs, "This is my event");

Java SDK docs

Splunk cannot just "index a java object". It needs to be converted into an ascii format at some point and it needs to make sense with some sort of time stamp.

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