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A possible timestamp match outside of the acceptable time window.


06-27-2013 15:30:06.733 +0800 WARN DateParserVerbose - A possible timestamp match (Wed May 10 07:48:27 2000) is outside of the acceptable time window. If this timestamp is correct, consider adjusting MAX_DAYS_AGO and MAX_DAYS_HENCE. Context: source::dm_altKpiRAM|host::head2|dm_altKpiRAM|

what's this log mean?
anyone help?

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it means, your event is long long time ago (2000/05/10 ) , exceed MAX_DAYS_AGO ( default 2000 days ) in props.conf , so Splunk warning you , you should check if the time extract setting is correct or not , or you should amend the props.conf to increase MAX_DAYS_AGO ( from 2000 to 4745 e.g.)

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