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What happened to Answers? The change is for the worse


It takes time to accept changes but I'm not a fan of the new look/feel

  • Way too much whitespace
  • Fonts are too large
  • Answer and reply format structure is gone
  • Much harder to visually parse the information in posts
  • Forcing structure to questions is good in theory until you try to use it in practice/find answers. What about people who want to answer questions? I'm guessing they have to browse through 20 +/- locations?
  • The search feature doesn't work
  • anndddd you have to use only predefined labels. I'm guessing those are largely unique for each location /sigh

When the page opened from my Google search I literally thought I was on a generic site that had screen scrapped the Answers pages. 

Please reassess. This is not great UX.

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