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Hey, folks!

We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement, and we take the input of the Splunk community seriously- we want your voice to be heard! Our feedback forum is a place where communication and collaboration take place, it can help improve our community site processes, organization, and overall experience. We empower you to help create positive change by sharing authentic feedback - positive or negative.

Open innovation draws upon the experience and knowledge base of an ENTIRE community for the development and growth of this platform. 

In short, receiving feedback is the way to keep our community at the heart of everything we do.

Some helpful tips on submitting feedback:

  • Be clear, thoughtful, and respectful. Offer feedback that is accurate and specific.
  • Do not evade criticism that needs to be delivered. Provide a detailed explanation of what is wrong, and if you can, recommend ways to make adjustments. 
  • Deliver feedback in a timely manner. It is best to give feedback as close as possible to the occurrence of the issue

Please note this is NOT a submission forum for product feedback or suggestions, if you would like to share an idea for Splunk product- you can do so on Splunk Ideas.

*Disparaging, harassing, or mean remarks about other community members will not be tolerated. We are all friends and professionals, so let’s keep it polite. You can view the community guidelines here to help maintain a positive community experience for everyone.

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i thought to give a karma to this, but, i dont see the karma button ;(...

>>> Happy Splunking !

Community Manager
Community Manager

Appreciate the karma sentiment still! 🙂 


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