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How to log into splunk enterprise

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     Hello everyone,

     I am new to this and just started yesterday. I don't know how to re-access my e learning Splunk Fundamentals 7.x Part 1 course. I completed up to module 4 yesterday evening and Module 5 labs but don't know how to get to specific Enterprise link and e learning link. I just keep ending up at the download Splunk page. I am signed in and can view my dashboard, but am unable to know where to navigate to Splunk enterprise login page. I clicked on the Free Splunk link and Splunk> on top left side but am unable to get to the 7.x Part 1 course. Any help would be appreciated.

     Take care and enjoy the weekend

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Hi  @CyberNomad 


please go on this links and login with your account:

If you continue have login issues or you don't find any traning please contact

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