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use IN command with subsearch


i want to use IN command with subsearch like in the query above:

| tstats summariesonly=true allow_old_summaries=true max(_time) as _time, values("events.eventtype") as eventtype FROM datamodel=events_prod WHERE "events.kafka_uuid" IN ("search= [ | inputlookup kv_alerts_prod where _key="5f" | table uuids]") BY "events.kafka_uuid", "events.tail_id", "events._indextime", "events._raw", source, sourcetype

this query returns no results.. what am i missing ? 

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Check the search log to see how Splunk is parsing that query.  I suspect the contents of the IN argument is being treated literally instead of as a subsearch.

If the subsearch is being processed then it's possible it's not returning a valid argument for IN.  Run the subsearch by itself with | format on the end to see the exact string returned.  Adjust the subsearch as needed to make the returned value a valid IN argument.

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