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pulling Splunk Rest API in a python script

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I would like to pull the Splunk REST API jobs/$someSEARCH owner and use it as a variable in a python script
here is what I ahve so fare

def getAuthor(argvals, settings):
namespace = settings.get("namespace", None)
sessionKey = settings['sessionKey']
ent = entity.getEntity('jobs', '| script python git', namespace=namespace, owner='nobody', sessionKey=sessionKey)
argvals ['author'] = ent['owner']
except Exception, e:
logger.error("Could not get the owner of the job. Error: %s" %(str(e)))

logger.basicConfig(format='%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s', filename=os.path.join(os.environ['SPLUNK_HOME'],'var','log','splunk','git.log'), filemode='a+', level=logger.INFO)

keywords, argvals = splunk.Intersplunk.getKeywordsAndOptions()

em_message_fromArg = getarg(argvals, "message", "Commiting a with no message, please ask the owner about the change")

settings = splunk.Intersplunk.getOrganizedResults()

getAuthor(argvals, settings)

with open('/opt/splunk/etc/apps/incident_response/bin/test.txt', 'a') as file:
What else could I do?

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