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create a Web Framework app using Django Bindings


Hi All,

I am using command to create web framework app but am getting Error
"The system cannot find the path specified."
Command : splunkdj createapp TestApp.

I checked Splunk_Home and it is configured correctly
CHecked Splunk envvars


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Hi rsathish47,
First, if you are on windows run cmd as Administrator,
Second is positionned in the following directory $Splunk_home \etc \apps \framework and type the following command: splunkdj createapp TestApp and press enter, then will come the following message: where is installed Splunk []? that asks you to paste the path or splunk is installed. for windows you will paste the following path C: \Program Files \Splunk and hit enter, you will be asked Splunk username: admin and Splunk password: changeme and finally you will display a message saying that the application has been created and that will restart splunkd and after the takeoff, you go in the spunkweb for see your TestApp

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