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change defult language SPLUNKJS


Have anyone found a way to change default language (english) when using splunk js in your own web( outside of splunk web)?
By using spkunk view components, it is only in english ? I have been searching through official document but could not find any useful information.
Thanks !
It s an example of TimeRangeView in english. I want to change it to french.



            // Create a custom time range picker
            // Show the Presets panel, hide the Real-time and Advanced panels
            var mypresetsettings = {
                showCustomDateTime: false,
                showPresets: false,
                showCustomRealTime: false,
                showCustomAdvanced: false,
                showCustomRelative: false,
                showCustomDate: true

            // Instantiate a view using the custom time range picker
            var mytimerange_custom = new TimeRangeView({
                id: "example-timerange_custom",
                managerid: "search3",
                earliest_time: "-7d",
                dialogOptions: mypresetsettings,
                el: $("#mytimerangeview_custom")

            // Update the search manager when the time range changes
            mytimerange_custom.on("change", function () {


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